Court Vision refers to a basketball player's ability to see and understand everything going on, on the basketball court and while in play. A player with good court vision will have attributes such as the ability to know where his teammates will be during offensive plays, and where defenders will be set up. 
Taking cues from highly evolved insect eyes, we went with an iridescent finish on alternating panels while the black panels represented stealth. Move in stealth, highlight with awe at play. 
Along with the basketball, the team created a limited capsule in support of the moment. Pushing forward FC’s directional graphics, what we created was a cohesive group that merchandised and supported the concept ball. And lastly, a custom functional cinch basketball bag was included to the packaging. Elastic cords that expand / contract and fabrication reminiscent of basketball shorts. 
Brand Dir: Sean Tucker 
Creative Dir / Designer: Dan Cuenca 
Graphic Designer: Andrew Chow 
Photographer: Jay Maldonado
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